Guild vs Guild are Deathclock greatest pride. When Deth members gather and join their forces, they become an unstoppable killing machine. Our past GvG showed everyone what Deth is capable of. However, to join our GvG you must absolutely be on the guild TS server and run the build we ask you to. You can see several of our GvG in the Media section and learn how we play as a group. We are proud to offer our members every guild mission on a weekly basic. Every guild missions are scheduled at least once a week but we don't mind redoing them if many players missed it. For more info about the scheduled guild missions, you can take a look at the calendar in the Events section. Along with guild missions, we also offer Guild Made event with prize, which vary from Raffles, Scavenger hunt, Jumping puzzle race. As the guild grow bigger, we decided to become more involve in WvW to help Fergusson's Crossing get to the top. We don't require that you become active in WvW but if you want to join us, we will help you with your build and give you a taste of Deth WvW farming. It is no secret that when we run together as a guild in WvW we are a force to be reckoned with. We are now going to ask that when in WvW that you please follow a guild commander, or designated WvW leader from the guild so we can have a consistent WvW force. Please also consider the builds we have posted on the forums as they have been designed to optimize our tactics. Finally, we are also looking for more people to LEAD these groups so do not be afraid to volunteer and give it a try.

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